Jamie Hoy (B. 1998) is an interdisciplinary fine artist examining work about gender, sexuality, and the complexities of life. She engages in a multitude of alternative processes, conveying the conceptual meaning behind each self-made work of art. With her knowledge of art history and photographic theory, Jamie is able to bring to life fine art compositions that can stand on their own. Her work pushes viewers to challenge their own gaze and their consumption of her art and beyond.
Jamie is a recent photography graduate at Columbus College of Art & Design. Once she completes her undergrad, she will be attending graduate school to continue her study and practice of fine art-making. While in graduate school she aspires to create fine artworks that continue to examine her passion for alternative mediums and her own identity, however that may change. Once graduated she hopes to move into the curating world and continue to educate others as a professor in fine arts.
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